Thank you for your interest in Paramount Aussies. Please fill out the following form so we can get to know you better and get a feel for which puppy would be best suited for you and your family. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Our Pet puppies are required to be spayed and neutered. Our Show puppies are available to serious, proven show homes. We do not leave tails on our puppies nor do we place our puppies on markings or eye color. 

Have you ever owned an Aussie before? 
If yes, then please tell us a little about 
your experience. 

Do you currently own any animals 
(dogs, cats, birds, horses, etc)?  If yes, 
please tell us animal type, breed, age, 
sex, spayed/neutered and how long 
you have had them. 

What made you decide to consider 
getting an Australian Shepherd?

Aussies require daily excercise. 
Are you prepared to give them 
the amount they need? How?

Where will your Aussie live/sleep? 

How long will he/she be alone 
during the day?

Do you have a fully fenced in 
yard or kennel?

Do all the members in your 
family agree on getting a puppy?

Do you have any children in 
your household? If yes, what 
are their ages? Have they had 
any experience with dogs?

Who will be responsible for 
feeding and taking care of 
the puppy daily?

Are you looking for a Pet 
puppy or a Show/Performance 

Are you willing to spay/neuter 
your Pet puppy?  

If you are looking for a 
Show/Performance puppy, 
do you have any experience 
in these activities? If yes, 
please tell me about it.

Do you plan on breeding?

Do you rent or own your home? 
If you rent, are animals allowed?

Do you plan on completing 
basic obedience classes with 
your puppy? If no, how do you 
plan on training  and socializing 
your puppy?

Tell us if you have a preference
 when looking for an 
Aussie (color OR gender). 
*We do NOT place puppies on 
eye color or markings. We do NOT  
leave tails on our puppies. 

What type of temperament are 
you looking for? This should 
reflect the temperament of you 
and your family. 
Example: Quiet, laid back, 
high energy, etc. If you like 
to set on the couch and watch 
movies a quieter dog would be 
best for you, however if you like 
hiking or other high energy sports 
a dog with more "get-up-and-go" 
would suit you better.

Please provide two references 
(Name, Email, Phone). 
One of which may be your Vet. 

Please fill in your name, 
address, phone number 
and email address. *We cannot 
reply to you if you forget to 
include a phone number
or email address*
You may also put any 
other comments here. 

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Thank you for inquiring about our Aussies. After reviewing your Questionnaire we will be in touch soon. If we haven't contacted you back within a few days, please give me a call. *Before you Submit your Questionnaire, please check and be sure your email address and/or phone number is correct* We have no other way of contacting you back.

**We take calls between 1:00pm-8pm EST. Leave a message if no answer. We will not answer text messages until after we have had a phone conversation with you first**

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