Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we are a mother and son team that strives to produce happy, healthy Aussies with correct conformation, sound movement, lovely temperaments and solid, well rounded minds. Our main focus is producing Aussies that meet the breed standard,  are competitive in the Show and Performance venues and win your heart as family companions. 

Valerie has owned Australian Shepherds since 1996. After getting her first Aussie, she was hooked! In 2004, she entered her first conformation show and found her niche. Valerie and Klayton have had the privilege of breeding multiple AKC and ASCA Champions, multiple Group winners and placers, multiple National Specialty class winners and placers, Winners Bitches at National Specialty and National Specialty Pre-show, Award of Merit and Premier winners (in USASA and ASCA Nationals).

Valerie is an ASCA Non-Regular Judge and is Vice President of Blue Ridge Australian Shepherd Club (BRASC), sits on the Board of Directors for the Carolina Australian Shepherd Club (CASC) and is President of the Old Dominion  Australian Shepherd Association (ODASA).  She was a founding member of ODASA in 2015. She has served in multiple offices, (including two terms as President at BRASC) and on the BOD of BRASC and ODASA over the past several years. She also has earned her AKC Breeder of Merit. Valerie has handled multiple aussies to BOB wins, Group placements and National Specialty class wins and placements. 

Klayton was awarded an ASCA Degree of Excellence Level I in Junior Handling for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 fiscal years. He was awarded an ASCA Degree of Excellence III in 2015-2016 fiscal year. He has earned multiple Best Junior Handler and Reserve Junior Handler wins. He also is competitive in the classes; piloting them to major wins and National Specialty placements. Klayton retired from showing in the Junior Showmanship ring when he lost his beloved show dog in 2016; but continues to enjoy showing his bred-by dogs in the classes. Klayton has earned his AKC Breeder of Merit. 

We thank God that he has blessed us with wonderful Aussies throughout the years and hope that we can help you find the Aussie of your dreams here at Paramount!
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Concerning Mini Aussies:

The following statement was obtained from the USASA's website. Paramount Aussies is in full aggreement.

Recently there has been a rise in the movement to breed miniature and toy versions of the Australian Shepherd.  

The Miniature Australian Shepherd and the Toy Australian Shepherd are not recognized or considered varieties of the Australian Shepherd by this organization, the United States Australian Shepherd Association, Inc. (USASA), or by the American Kennel Club (AKC).   Since these dogs are not AKC registered, they cannot be verified by USASA as purebred, and therefore are not considered Australian Shepherds by this organization. 

The USASA does not support the purposeful breeding of Miniature Australian Shepherds and Toy Australian Shepherds, and expects all members who have breeding programs to breed to the USASA/AKC recognized standard of excellence. The USASA further expects all members to be ever vigilant in the preservation and protection of the Australian Shepherd.

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