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We are proud breeders of top quality family pets as well as versatile Aussies titled in AKC and ASCA Conformation, Agility, Rally, Obedience, Herding, Therapy Dog, Dock Diving, Fast CAT, Scent Work and Trick Titles. We also have had the privilege of breeding AKC Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show and Reserve Best in Show winners, multiple Group winners and placers, multiple National Specialty class winners and placers, Winners Dog and Winners Bitches at National Specialties and National Specialty Pre-show, Award of Merit and Premier winners (in USASA and ASCA Nationals) but our foremost accomplishment is producing wonderful family pets, show and performance dogs, with outstanding temperaments! We are proud to be an ASCA Hall of Fame Kennel!

**We do NOT sell puppies for breeding only! All our puppies that are sold with breeding rights are placed with serious show or performance homes only and are required to achieve an AKC or ASCA Conformation Championship or Open performance title before being bred. We do NOT leave tails on our puppies.** 
We are excited that you are considering joining our furry family! Here at Paramount, we strive to produce outstanding Australian Shepherds that are an asset to the breed and a treasure to their families. Each one of our litters are special to us and a tremendous amount of time, research and thought goes into every one of them. In each litter we always plan on keeping at least one or more puppies to show and carry on our program with and the rest of the puppies are offered to loving homes.

We care tremendously for our puppies' well-being and their new families' happiness and this includes the huge responsibility of placing each puppy in the correct home that they would best be suited for. We carefully watch our puppies as they grow and do temperament testing exercises to see what type of lifestyle/home they will thrive best in. For example, an active hiker/runner wanting a companion to join in with them on these activities, would not be best suited with a couch potato dog nor would a person with a very laid back/quiet life want a puppy that has a ton of energy and would be bouncing off the walls from boredom. It is so important to match this breed’s energy level/temperament with similar homes and would be a disservice to the puppy and to our puppy families to do otherwise. 

Paramount puppies are breed with three P's in mind- Purpose, Principles, Perfection. First and foremost we breed with a specific Purpose in mind: to produce outstanding individuals that are a benefit to their breed, excel in the conformation ring, performance venues and most of all in our hearts as wonderful family companions. All Paramount dogs have had their health screenings/clearances done before they are bred. These are searchable on the national OFA database. Simply visit their website ( and type in the registered name of the dog. If someone tells you their dog has an OFA rating, you can search and find their results in their database. Second, we practice tried and true Principles when it comes to our breeding program and offer continued support for our puppies and their new families for the entire lifetime of each puppy. We believe getting a puppy should be a wonderful experience and treat all potential puppy owners with the same amount of respect and honesty as we would expect to receive. Thirdly, we seek Perfection here at Paramount: being extremely selective when breeding; striving to produce the perfect Aussie according to our breed standard. We are not happy with mediocre and you shouldn't have to settle for it either. We want the best for us, for our puppy buyers and for the breed! 

If you decide we are the right breeders for you and go forward with getting on our Reservation List, here is what you can expect from us:
You can expect an announcement email with newborn pictures within 1 week of the puppies being born. The next updates are at 3 weeks old, 5 weeks and 7 weeks. These updates will include information on how the puppies are doing, important information for bringing your puppy home and pictures or videos of the puppies. We want our families to feel like they are a part of their baby's lives from the time they are born. When the puppies are 8 weeks old, give or take a few days either way, we will do evaluations. After we decide which puppies we will be keeping as show prospects, the rest of the puppies will be placed in order of deposits received. We stand by our puppies and offer a 3 year health guarantee. All our puppies are well socialized and have been introduced to the crate before going to their new forever homes. They are also microchipped and will come with their first vaccination and will have had multiple dewormings before leaving for their new homes. 

*Pet puppies are $1,800 required to be spayed/neutered. We put tremendous love, dedication, time, effort, genetic testing and money spent competing with the parents to prove that they are exceptional quality and worthy of being bred into every litter, please do not ask for a reduced price or discount. 
*We require a $300 Deposit to reserve a Pet puppy for you with the balance due when you pick your baby up. *Please note, ALL Deposits are Non-Refundable.* 

**Our Show puppies are sold on an individual basis. We are very selective on what quality we want representing us in the show ring. Most show puppies are sold on a co-own. Please inquire for more info.**

*We require people to come in person to pick their puppies up so we can meet all of our puppy families and you can also see our dogs and us in person. If you are unable to drive to pick your baby up, you can fly in to my local airport and fly back home with a puppy in the cabin with you but, we will not ship our puppies on a plane as cargo. We also will not use a transport company to transport your puppy to you.*

Getting a puppy is a commitment, you must be prepared to spend the next 12-15 years taking care of your puppy.  

If you are interested in a Paramount puppy, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out and submit our Puppy Questionnaire below. This answers all our basic questions we like to ask our potential puppy owners. After we receive your Questionnaire, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Remember to include your phone number and email address on your Questionnaire...we have no other way to respond to you if you do not. If you do not hear from us within 2 days, please call us. 

*Serious inquiries only* Please understand that we ask many different questions so we can best match each puppy to their new forever home. We do not sell puppies based on markings or eye color. We place puppies based on temperament first. However, we do try to keep in mind the desired traits each person wants when placing our puppies. As we try to be mindful of others, we ask that our Buyers understand that we stay very busy with daily taking care of our dogs and our human families as well as traveling to dog shows, vet visits, judging, etc. Therefore, we do not allow people to stop in for random visits. We are happy for you to meet us at a dog show near you where you can visit with us and meet multiple of our dogs/puppies and some of our other puppy/dog owners that have show dogs from us. We do not allow people to bring their other dogs with them when picking up a puppy/dog from us, as this increases the chance of bringing sickness or parasites onto our property. We do NOT leave tails on our puppies (unless medically necessary at birth, i.e. the puppy is very small or weak). Part of being the best breeders we can be is breeding according to the AKC and ASCA Breed Standard. Our Breed Standard calls for tails not to exceed 4 inches. We are of the mindset that no reputable breeder in the USA would purposefully leave tails on their puppies unless it was medically necessary. Please visit the AKC and ASCA websites to view the entire standard.

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We are taking Reservations for our Upcoming Litters. We have a co-bred litter in Kentucky due mid- August and litters due Fall/Winter of this year here at Paramount. Please fill out our Puppy Questionnaire for more information. If you do not hear from me within 2 days after filling out our Questionnaire, please give me a call.