Some important Info on Aussies

Aussies require daily exercise to be happy and content, granted there are some that are more laid back than others. You will have a mixture of attitudes and energy levels in a litter. It is important to inform your breeder about your lifestyle and energy requirements when searching for a potential Aussie. For example, if you are an extremely athletic person who is going on daily jogs/hikes and constantly on the go; you would want a higher energy dog that can keep up with you. However, if a couch and a movie is more your style, then a more laid back, low energy level dog would be better suited for you. Please keep in mind, it is better to find a dog that is best suited, temperamentally, than choosing on color/gender alone.

A lot of people ask me about the difference between male verses female Aussies for Companion/Pet homes. I believe you must evaluate the puppy as an individual, before gender on companion puppies. Each puppy will have an individual personality, regardless of gender. Allowing the breeder to help place you with the “best choice” puppy for you based on temperament and compatibility is vital when committing yourself to a dog for the next 12-15 years. 

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