Suggested Items List

Below are items that we have suggested for our puppy families for many years now. You can easily click on the links below to visit Amazon to purchase them. We hope this will make it easier for you to shop for your new baby.
36" crate with divider: getting a 36" wire crate with a divider allows you to make the crate smaller for babies and you can give them more space in the crate by simply adjusting the divider as the grow. 

Purina Pro Plan Performance Chicken and Rice 30/20: you can feed all dogs this food as it is an All Life Stages formula: from puppy to adult to seniors.

Dremel for Pet nails: we use a pet Dremel for all our puppy/dog nails as dremeling for pet's nails is easier and safer than clipping.

Frontline Plus: for fleas and ticks

Interceptor Plus: for heartworms and intestinal parasites. This has to be obtained through your Vet. Please inquire about it at your next Vet appointment. 

NuVet vitamins: we recommend giving your puppy NuVet vitamins throughout their life, but especially until they are at least 1 year old. This boosts their immunity and helps give that extra nutrition during their early growing months. You can order it here:  Want to know WHY we like NuVet?                              to read our thoughts. 

Proviable Paste: we recommend Proviable Paste as a good probiotic to have on hand in case of diarrhea. 

Proviable Tablets: we love these tablets for everyday use to help puppy's sensitive tummies as they are growing.

Coat Rake: this gets out the dead undercoat when you groom your Aussie and helps reduce shedding.

Pin Brush: best with straight pins and no “beads” on top of pins. These are great for weekly brushings. 

Metal water and food pails: 2 quart size. These flat backed pail can easily be clipped inside your wire crate to help reduce spillage. 

Leash and collar: buckle style or the snap together adjustable style is best. A cat collar is perfect for 8 week old puppies as they fit wonderfully and are inexpensive (as baby puppies will quickly outgrow them). Lead needs to be at least 6 feet. *Please DO NOT use harnesses on your puppy/dog!! Harnesses were created for dogs to pull things with… this is the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve!* 

Nature’s Miracle: this product is great for cleaning up accidents.

Shampoo: we love #1 All Systems Shampoo and Conditioner. Please do not get anything for flea removal as it will interact with the Frontline Plus. 

Toys: I recommend Kong toys for chewing, also rope toys, balls, squeaky toys (supervised only). Stay away from raw hide until at least 6 months old. 

Training Treats: Wellness and BilJac

Panacur Dewormer- we recommend a deworm 2 weeks after you bring your baby home. Puppies are like toddlers and like to put everything in their mouths which includes potential parasites in the ground. You can easily mix this granulated dewormer in some wet canned dog food and your baby will eat it right up. 

Potty Bell: this is hung on your door at puppy's nose level. You will use this to gently bump on your pup’s nose and say “Time to go potty” (or some catch phrase for potty time). Most puppies are easy to bell train. 

Additional items that are helpful:
An exercise pen (ex-pen): This is helpful for families who will be transitioning and training a pup who cannot yet hold their bladders for long days in the crate yet while humans are working. Get a large but shallow container (like those that can go under the bed) and pine shavings or pine wood pellets to use in the container for your puppy during the day or at night if using ex-pen (this serves as a puppy litter box). 

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